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Understanding the human genome has long promised to revolutionize the way diseases and disorders are diagnosed and treated. In earlier years the lack of economically viable high throughput technologies hampered the adoption of genomics in the clinics. However, the advent of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has changed the landscape irrevocably.

We offer targeted therapy for cancers, which offer clear benefits compared conventional treatment. Our solution help in cases where conventional therapy fails. We provide a comprehensive analysis of genes of clinical interest for the patient, and provide up-to-date clinically actionable information on mutations present in the cancer. Our analysis improves the chances of choosing the right treatment suited for a specific patient. Further, we do periodic reanalysis of the patient data thereby keeping a doctor informed of emerging options.

In India, we are one of very few companies to offer opportunities such as the next generation of cancer treatment. Our solutions are in regular use by some of the leading Oncologists in the country.