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Learn about Myriads Test Offerings that answer 4 critical cancer questions.

How Do I Take The Test?

Step 1

Our team member collects a DNA sample.

Step 2

The sample is sent to our lab for analysis

Step 3

Your personalised report is available

Step 4

Your doctor prescribes treatment that complements your genes

Popular Tests

Molecular Profiling – advanced multi platform testing

EndoPredict – Know if you can safely avoid chemotherapy

MyRisk Hereditary Cancer Testing

Know which cancers you are at risk for and plan your life smartly. Testing performed in USA.

Scientific Publications on Indian Patients

Our publications based on hundreds of Indian patients voices the quality of our tests. Along with many of India’s best doctors we have presented in the world’s leading conferences and our findings have been peer reviewed & accepted.

Tumor Mutation Burden in the Indian NSCLC

Presented in IASLC World Conference on Lung cancer 2019 – Barcelona, Spain

Human intelligence vs Artificial intelligence vs Molecular profiling

Presented in St. Gallens International Breast Cancer Conference 2019 – Vienna, Austria

Use of Second Generation Breast Cancer Recurrence Test

This is the first Indian study on 206 early breast cancer patients undergoing EndoPredict test.

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