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Positive Bioscience Background

Positive Bioscience was founded in 2012 focused on a simple philosophy—bring together the power of advanced knowledge and technology to positively impact treatment and improve health outcome.

We offer high end high quality cancer genetic tests for cancer patients and their families. Including tests for specific diseases such as breast cancer or prostate cancer as well as tests that can be useful for any cancer.

We are exclusive partners of Myriad Genetics and Caris Life Sciences in India.

Based in Mumbai, India, our company provides you with personalized health solutions based on your genetic information. We integrate advanced technology and customized data algorithms to analyze genetic testing results and provide you with actionable steps for a healthier life.

Positive Bioscience’s interdisciplinary team is composed of experts in genetics, bioinformatics, machine learning, product design, finance, and marketing from reputed organizations.

Positive Bioscience Background

Our International Partners

Myriad Genetics

Myriad Genetics is a US based molecular diagnostic company. They are one of the market leaders and pioneers for genetic testings, especially BRCA testing. Positive Bioscience has been partners with Myriad since 2015.

Myriad Genetics has several signature tests including EndoPredict a breast cancer recurrence test and MyRisk that tells elevated risk of developing any of eight hereditary cancers. 


Caris Life Sciences

Caris Life Sciences® was founded because of an idea – that personalized and precise information can improve healthcare for everyone. Caris and Positive Biosciences have been partners since 2016.

Their flagship test Caris Molecular Intelligence is a multi technology tumor profiling tests which allows cancer patients to get a holistic view and understanding of their cancer. Ergo allowing doctors to give the best treatment recommendation. 


The Details It's what we do best


Unique Tests

Each test we offer is unique and offers a value like no other. Each test is performed at world class standards.


Int’l Partners

Yes only 2. Because we partner only with the BEST – Myriad Genetics and Caris Life Sciences


Team Members

That’s the number of people we’ve employed over our 8 locations. We love our team!

World Class


  • At Positive Bioscience, we give utmost importance to the quality of our tests and this sets us apart from our competition. 
    Applying our deep data expertise and research to genomic testing analysis, we provide medical experts with the information they need to make decisions on the treatments
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    Samarth Jain
    CEO Positive Bioscience
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