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Here are some helpful links instead to learn more about our cancer tests. 


Test for your risk to cancer and get medical management recommendations. For individuals/family history of cancer.


Test your risks for breast and ovarian cancers with BRACAnalysis. The innovator’s BRCA test. For breast/ovarian cancer and family members.

PositiveSelect Colorectal

Covers ALL NCCN recommended gene tests. For early-stage colorectal cancer patients.


Decide if you can safely avoid chemotherapy and how beneficial chemotherapy would be. For breast cancer.

PositiveSelect Lite

Covers all NCCN guideline recommended gene tests. For early-stage cancer.

PositiveSelect Lung

Covers nearly all NCCN guideline recommended gene tests. For early-stage lung cancer patients.

PositiveSelect Ultimate

The Ultimate test for the best treatment plan. Our flagship test. For advanced cancers.

PositiveSelect Immunotherapy

Test for immunotherapy options. For cancer patients seeking immunotherapy treatment.


Guideline recommended test for treatment planning. For prostate cancer.

PositiveSelect Plus

Get treatment recommendations including Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy and Immunotherapy. For advanced cancers.

myChoice Cdx

Find out if you eligible for PARP inhibitors for ovarian cancer treatment.