Myriad Genetics


Myriad Genetics tests for healthy individuals .

Myriad Genetics answers 4 critical questions for the disease

  1. Will I get get the disease?  MyRisk & BRACAnalysis
  2. Do I have the disease?
  3. Should I treat the disease? EndoPredict & Prolaris
  4. How should I treat the disease? MyChoice CDx


Test your risks for breast and ovarian cancers with BRACAnalysis. The innovator’s BRCA test. For breast/ovarian cancer and family members.

myChoice CDx

A test to help get the right treatment, to the right patient with ovarian cancer, at the right time.


Guideline recommended test for treatment planning. For prostate cancer.


Decide if you can safely avoid chemotherapy and how beneficial chemotherapy would be. For breast cancer.


Test for your risk to cancer and get medical management recommendations. For individuals/family history of cancer.

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