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EndoPredict® vs. CanAssist

  • EndoPredict give you 15 year recurrence risk. CanAssist only give you 5 Years. 
  • EndoPredict is recommended by almost all leading international guideline. CanAssist is NOT recommended by any international guidelines.
  • EndoPredict has published many papers on Indian Patients data in best International Conferences.

EndoPredict testing is by Myriad Genetics (USA) a global leader in cancer testing for over 25 years. Myriad Genetics testing has approvals all around the world including US FDA, NCCN, etc. Myriad Genetics is also the founder of BRCA testing. CanAssist testing is by Oncostem (India). 

  • EndoPredict is tested in USA. CanAssist is tested in India.
  • EndoPredict also gives you endocrine therapy and chemotherapy benefit prediction.
  • EndoPredict is used and trusted by doctors all around the world. Many of the worlds leading cancer institutes rely on EndoPredict. 

Avoiding chemo is a big question and a big risk. Make sure to take a well known and trusted test  -Dr. C. Bahl

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