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Head-to-Head Study - Oncotype Dx® vs. EndoPredict®

Overview: Oncotype Dx is a first-generation breast cancer recurrence test. EndoPredict is a second-generation breast cancer recurrence test. Oncotype DX provides 9 year recurrence risk. EndoPredict provides 15 year recurrence risk. 

Study Title: Comparison of EndoPredict and EPclin With Oncotype DX Recurrence Score for Prediction of Risk of Distant Recurrence After Endocrine Therapy

Study Size: 928 patients

Finding: “EPclin [EndoPredict] markedly outperformed RS [Oncotype DX] across the 10-year follow-up period”

“EP and EPclin [EndoPredict] were highly prognostic for DR [distant recurrence] in endocrine-treated patients with ER+, HER2-negative disease. EPclin [EndoPredict] provided more prognostic information than RS [Oncotype DX]. This was partly but not entirely because of EPclin [EndoPredict] integrating molecular data with nodal status and tumor size.”

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