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Immunotherapy for cancer is a new age treatment option with great benefits.

Do you know if Immunotherapy is an option for you?

560 Genes at 1000x Coverage

Genomic profiling with industry-leading 1000x coverage.  

Block or Blood

The test can be performed on liquid biopsy (blood) or tumor (FFPE).

Immunotherapy Biomarkers

Microsatellite Instability and Tumor Mutation Burden.

*PD-L1 Optional


Immunotherapy for Cancer Treatment

Immunotherapies enable your body to use its immune system to fight cancer. 

Depending on the type of cancer your doctor will prescribe you immunotherapies. However each patient and each cancer is different (genetically). Finding out which exactly is the RIGHT immunotherapy for cancer treatment is done via a genetic test. Our brochure explains in detail the benefits of the test as well as what is included. 

Ask your doctor if you can be prescribed immunotherapy for cancer treatment? 

Most immunotherapy drugs for now available in India



PositiveSelect immunotherapy for cancer

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Immunotherapy is the new age of cancer treatment. Anticipate your response through testing PositiveSelect Immunotherapy.

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