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150+150 genes 1000x coverage.

Find the perfect MATCH treatment

150 Genes at 1000x Coverage

Comprehensive genomic profiling with industry-leading 1000x coverage.  

Block or Blood

The test can be performed on liquid biopsy (blood) or tumor (FFPE).

Multiple Treatment Options

Report will give treatment options.

Tumor-Normal Match

Superior accuracy by testing both cancerous tumor DNA and healthy DNA.


Why Tumor-Normal Match?

A study at John Hopkins University found  tumor-normal match testing provides 31% better accuracy by reducing false positive and false negative results*

Our brochure explains in detail the benefits of the test as well as what is included. 

Detailed and Informative Report

Your report will include:

  • Personalised treatment plan
  • Clinically actionable mutations
  • Somatic and germline mutations
Positive Bioscience Match Report


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World-Class Quality.

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PositiveSelect Match is the one stop solution to test possible options for your cancer treatment. The report will give you treatment options.

Our experts and doctors are happy to guide you.