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A simple blood draw can reveal if cancer is in your future. 

The world’s leading cancer risk assessment test now in India. Tested completely in USA by Myriad Genetics. 

There is no need to go America. A simple blood draw at home and we will do the rest.


MyRisk Cancer Risk Tested in USA


Get a report you can read, understand and put to practical use. Recommendations by leading cancer guidelines are included.

MyRisk Cancer Risk Tested in USA


Call us, get your blood drawn at home and we take care of everything. There’s no need to travel to America for testing when it’s offered at your doorstep.

MyRisk Cancer Risk Tested in USA


The more tests a company does –  the better they understand the results and how to classify mutations. Myriad has completed over 3 million tests (more than any other company).

MyRisk Cancer Risk Tested in USA


Your result should be available within 3-4 weeks. We will email it to you as soon as it’s ready. Save time flying over to USA and the jet lag too.

MyRisk Cancer Risk Tested in USA


If there is an update based on new scientific information you will be issued a new report without an additional charge. For life.

MyRisk Cancer Risk Tested in USA


Getting cancer can be extremely costly. Testing and taking action today can save you a lot of money down while safeguarding your health.

Cancer screening test

Genetics can provide answers to your most pressing questions

myRisk Hereditary Cancer Panel

Multi-gene panel determines hereditary cancer risk associated with 8 cancer sites

myRisk Management Tool (MMT)

The myRisk test report provides recommendations for managing patients with both positive AND negative genetic results. Every report includes the myRisk Genetic Result and a personalized myRisk Medical Management Tool based on professional society guidelines.

Don’t be scared to know your cancer risk

Genetic mutations can cause cancer. Mutations in genes passed from parent to child can drastically increase the risk of disease, including many types of cancer.

The ongoing discovery of genes involved in cancer allows us to test for cancer-causing mutations in those genes. If you have a mutation that puts you at increased risk of cancer, you and your healthcare professional can take action to reduce your risk of developing the disease. There are effective options to help lower your risk of cancer such as earlier and more intensive screening, preventive medications and risk-reducing surgeries. Once the potential risk of cancer is identified, you and your healthcare professional can choose the best way to possibly delay, or even possibly prevent, the development of certain cancers.

Why Myriad?

Myriad is the unquestioned industry leader in variant classification and reclassification. Since 1991, Myriad has invested more than a billion dollars to enhance the world’s collective scientific understanding. At Myriad there is not an acceptable false negative rate. Myriad invests heavily in new technologies and techniques to make sure we minimize the potential for error.

Take Control of Your Diagnosis with Genetics with Myriad