One Test  Three Critical Breast Cancer Answers

1. Can I safely forego chemotherapy?

2. How significant will my benefit from chemotherapy be?

3. Will I still need hormonal therapy after 5 years?

Myriad Genetics

Test performed by world renowned lab Myriad Genetics (USA). Positive Bioscience is the exclusive partner of Myriad in India.

Recommended by Leading International Guidelines


Every Patient Gets An Answer

All results are either Low Risk or High Risk.

15 year Treatment Plan

Results help plan your long-term medical treatment for endocrine and chemotherapy.

Myriad Endopredict Kit

Why EndoPredict?

Myriad Genetics is a leading molecular diagnostic company based in USA. Available in India since 2015, EndoPredict has helped hundreds of Indian women decide their breast cancer treatment plan.

Positive Bioscience is the exclusive partner for Myriad Genetics and only authorised provider of EndoPredict in India.

Our brochure explains in detail the benefits of the test as well as what is included. 

An easy to use report for life changing decisions

Myriad Endopredict Report

Create a treatment plan that’s right for you

Myriad Endopredict Treatment

For patients who have a long-term risk of recurrence that is low, adding chemotherapy is unlikely to improve the absolute benefit.

For patients who have a long-term risk of recurrence that is high, adding chemotherapy may significantly lower the risk.


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The only test that Answers 3 Critical Breast Cancer Questions


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Myriad’s EndoPredict will help your doctor and you decide if you can safely avoid chemotherapy and how beneficial chemotherapy will be. 

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