Innovator of BRCA testing, Myriad has 20+ years of unrivaled experience

Myriad Genetics

Test performed by world renowned lab Myriad Genetics (USA). Positive Bioscience is the exclusive partner of Myriad in India.

Know Your Increased Cancer Risk

BRCA positive mutations can increase your risk for Breast and Ovarian Cancer.

Lifelong Followup

If new information regarding your test result becomes available Myriad will share an updated report.

NCCN Guidelines Recommended

NCCN recommends BRCA testing for Breast and Ovarian Cancer patients and their family members.

BRACAnalysis Kit

Why BRACAnalysis?

Myriad Genetics is a leading molecular diagnostic company based in USA. Available in India since 2015, learn your genetic risks for breast and ovarian cancer with BRACAnalysis.

Positive Bioscience is the exclusive partner for Myriad Genetics and only authorised provider of BRACAnalysis in India.

Our brochure explains in detail the benefits of the test as well as what is included. 


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Know your Risks. Reduce Uncertainty. Plan your Future. 

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With over 20 years of experience, Myriad Genetics is a pioneer of cancer risk assessment. Get tested with Myriad and receive lifelong followup about your risks with BRACAnalysis

BRACAnalysis CDx by Myriad Genetics is the only US FDA approved germline BRCA test.

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