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Take Charge of your Testicular Cancer

Did you know? Almost half of the risk of developing testicular cancer comes from the DNA passed down from our parents, a new study reports

Testicular Cancer
Similar to people, no two cancers are the same.  PositiveSelect develops tests designed to empower you to make informed treatment decisions that are unique to your breast cancer.  

Research suggests genetic inheritance is much more important in testicular cancer than in most other cancer types.

What does PositiveSelect provide?

PositiveSelect is able to provide industry leading results that are specific to your lung cancer by investigating changes in your DNA. Armed with this information, you and your doctor no longer have to use a one size fits all approach. You can start creating a treatment plan that is personalized to you.  

Cancer and common diagnostic tests

Watch this short video to learn about what cancer is, and some common diagnostic tests.

What Answers Do Each Genetic Test Provide?

Testicular Cancer


PositiveSelect Plus

PositiveSelect Plus provides patients with treatment options such as chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy options. 

Tumor Normal Match For Testicular Cancer Treatment Options

PositiveSelect Ultimate

PositiveSelect Ultimate is a genetic test that tests both cancer cells as well as normal blood cells. In addition to the PositiveSelect Plus test benefits, PositiveSelect Ultimate identifies somatic and germ line mutations.

Testicular Cancer