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Our Tests are intended to assist health care providers / clinicians in making decisions about appropriate management of diseases that have genetic concerns / origins / mediations. Our Tests and Reports are based on current scientific and clinical knowledge and the recommendations in the Report should not be construed as dictating an exclusive course of management, nor does the use of such recommendations guarantee a particular outcome.

Our Tests may be required to be used conjunctively / as a confirmation of the present methods of diagnosis / prognosis and the interpretation of results must take into account the clinical assessment of a particular patient. Our Tests are never intended to displace a health-care provider’s best medical judgment based on the clinical circumstances of a particular patient or patient population or statutory guidelines governing the management of a disease / medication.

Our Test Reports are required to be interpreted in accordance with the standards and practices of reporting adopted in molecular pathology / genetic analysis and are subject to the same limitations as applicable to such methodologies. Our Test Reports should not be acted upon in any manner other than by a duly qualified and registered Medical Practitioner holding a valid license under the relevant jurisdiction. Patient(s) may like to obtain counselling / advice from a qualified Medical Geneticist / Medical Practitioner before considering a Molecular Pathology / Genetic Analysis Test.